Wonderful WAC

September 25 - January 4, 2015

Hall Gallery

Opening reception with the artists Thursday, September 25, 5:30-8 p.m. at the Willard Arts Center. Light refreshments provided by KISU, FM-91, Your Ear to the World


The Idaho Falls Arts Council has developed nine artist studios on the second floor of the Willard Arts Center and makes them available to area artists working in any medium to rent at a minimal cost. This exhibition is the first in what will be an annual display of recent works by the current artists.

Meet the 2014 WAC Studio Artists:

  • Amber Deschamps works with acrylic, recycled material, sharpie, and spray paint.
  • Amber Marie Carmichael creates artworks in colored pencil and marker.
  • Bernadette Regnier is a printmaker, painter, fiber and pastel artist.
  • Scott Berger works mainly in oils. 
  • Georgina Goodlander creates paintings using acrylic and collage.
  • Helen H. Farrell works in watercolor, oil, and digital photography. 
  • Marina Lewis owns and operates Marina Lighthouse Photography.
  • Mary Ann Cherry paints wildlife and western subjects in oil and pastel.
  • Sarah Freeman works primarily in acrylic and oil.

Sponsored by
LeRoy Knobel • Nancy Caldwell • Anonymous

Artworks from top left: Sarah Freeman, Helen Harrell, Bernadette Regnier, Mary Ann Cherry, Marina Lewis, Amber Deschamps

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