8th Annual National Juried Exhibition

March 17 - June 12, 2016

Carr and Hall Galleries


Opening Reception Thursday, March 17, 5:30 - 7:30 pm

Sponsored by Randy & Debra Kern • LeRoy Knobel • Sue Rinaldi


About the Exhibition

The Idaho Falls National Exhibition is an annual juried exhibition organized by the Idaho Falls Arts Council (IFAC) and exhibited at the Willard Arts Center in Idaho Falls, ID. Artists working in all mediums throughout the United States are invited to submit.

2016 Juror

John McMahon is the Director of Artist Services at the Idaho Commission on the Arts, where he provides information and professional development resources to Idaho artists. He received his B.A. in studio art from Oberlin College and trained as an apprentice to the figurative painter Philip Pearlstein. His work has been shown at the J Crist and Stewart galleries, and selected for the Boise Art Museum Triennial. John holds an MFA from Boise State University, where, in addition to his work for the ICA, he currently teaches theories of contemporary art.

Juror's Statement

Art today is as fractious as the world that makes it. Ask a person who their favorite artist is and the reply is equally likely to be Andy Warhol, Frida Kahlo, Fredrick Remington, or Kanye West. The landscape, the political slogan, and the balloon dog occupy adjacent space. How does this compute? How can a culture that produces such works be thought of as coherent in any meaningful sense?

The answer is all around these galleries. The art may be conceptual, allegorical, representative, or abstract, but it originates with the need to say something—or ask a question—that is personal and true. And it can’t do it alone. Just as blue means nothing without green, and the apple has no taste until compared to the orange, art becomes beautiful through difference. Coherence, as it happens, requires diversity. Without this, it collapses into homogeneity.

Thank you to all of the artists who submitted work for consideration. This exhibit is a celebration of your invention, and it honors the space you define in the cultural landscape.

Selected Artists

Tobi Star Abrams • Naomi S Adams • Virgil Albertson • Linda Aman • Helen E Becker • Daniel Borup • Lori Brackett • Brian Brown • Ryan Buffington • Keely Coffin • Jeff Davies • Eric Demattos • Helen Farrel • Cheri Hammon • Dennis Hammon • Pato Hebert • Paul Hitchen • Annalyse Hyde • Stacy Isenbarger • Steven James Jorde • Joe Keller • Cicilee Knight • Ginger Kramer • Christa Landon • Lily Martina Lee • Mark Marino • Ann Baldwin May • Rachael Mayer • Dylan Melander • Ruth Stringam Nordstrom • Kevin Odette • George Parker • Hadley Rampton • Catherine Reinhardt • Roy Reynolds • Stephen Santore • Seth Spencer • John Taye • Kathleen Whitaker • Claudia Whitten • Morgan Ford Willingham • Laura Yager • Whitney Zolynski

The Gisin Family Art Awards

In 2016, the Juried Exhibition prizes are in honor of the Gisin family and, in particular, two artists in that family - Werner and Simon. Werner Gisin was born in Switzerland and immigrated to the U.S. in 1948. Many of his large, landscape paintings can be seen on the walls of Smitty's Pancake and Steak House in Idaho Falls. Simon Gisin was Werner's nephew. Also born in Switzerland, his family moved to Idaho when he was two years old. Simon was a painter and a woodcarver for more than four decades and became known for his extreme wall hangings - relief sculptures that were often over 5 feet tall.

  • First place: $750 - Faberge's Nightmare by Jeff Davies
  • Second place: $500 - Olympus by Ryan Buffington
  • Third place: $250 - Oscillator in Hickory Run State Park by Pato Hebert
  • Honorable Mention(s) - Vista by Hadley Rampton, Net Study 2 by Lily Martina Lee, and My Trip to the Mountains by George Parker
  • People’s Choice - will be announced in June

Artwork: 2015 People’s Choice Award, Sunrise in Arco by Scott Berger