Banff 2017

Presented by the Idaho Falls Nordic Ski Patrol

February 9 & 10, 2017 

7pm • Colonial Theater 

$15 • Please call or come in for tickets

Parental Guidance: Films may contain strong or potentially offensive language.  

The Idaho Falls Nordic Ski Patrol is pleased to host two nights of the 2016 / 2017 Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour. Different films are shown each night. Last year both shows were sold out a week early. This is the sole fundraising event of our patrol.

Thursday Films:

Max Your Days (2016, Canada, multisport).  Summer solstice on Canada’s West Coast – the possibilities are endless! 

Dog Power (Tour Edit) (2016, USA, Dog sports, including skiing, running, sledding, biking).  Get a fascinating view of the world of dog-powered sports and the special bond between dogs and their humans. Both share a passion for living, working and playing together outside in different forms of the sled-dog and musher relationship. 

Fast Forward (2016, USA, bike packing). For bikepacker and ultra-long-distance racer Lael Wilcox, taking on the Arizona Trail – more than 1280 kilometres miles of desert single track – is a challenge unlike any other.   

Four Mums In A Boat (Tour Edit) (2015, UK, ocean rowing, adventure).  When four middle-aged working British mums announced they wanted to row the Atlantic Ocean, their families thought they had lost their minds. 

Ruin and Rose (Tour Edit) (2016, USA, free skiing).  Follow these talented freeskiers as they tackle very different terrain in search of gorgeous jumps in Whistler and big lines in Alaska.  

Poumaka (2016, USA, climbing, expedition climbing).  With hopes of summiting the elusive Poumaka Tower, American bouldering champion, Angie Payne, leaves everything she knows behind as she ventures deep into the French Polynesian jungle with veteran climber and explorer, Mike Libecki.  PG – Coarse Language. 

The Accord (2016, Iceland, surfing, culture).  Being so far removed from the hustle and bustle of the tropical surf world hardens Iceland’s surfers to confront the the harsh reality they all must face – that old and unforgiving North Atlantic wind.  Award for Creative Excellence 

Young Guns (2016, USA, climbing). Meet the new faces of climbing: 14-year-old Ashima Shiraishi and 15-year-old Kai Lightner. Pushed outside their comfort zone, Kai and Ashima learn some hard but important lessons that will carry them to even greater heights.  Radical Reels People’s Choice Award 

Friday Films:

Danny MacAskill’s Wee Day Out (2016, UK, trails bike).  Want to see what Danny MacAskill does on his day off? Explore the rural landscape around Edinburgh in a film that sets out to capture the simple fun of a ride in the country with moments of incredible riding and a touch of humour.  

Being Hear (2016, USA, environmental).  The extinction of silence is an epidemic on our planet. World-renowned nature sound recordist and acoustic ecologist Gordon Hempton works to protect the few remaining quiet places from noise pollution.  

Ace and the Desert Dog (2015, USA, Hiking, trekking, camping).  For his 60th birthday, adventure photographer Ace Kvale and his dog, Genghis Khan, set out on a 60-day trek in Utah’s canyon country. 

The Great Siberian Traverse (2016, Canada, skiing, culture).  All aboard for the adventure of a lifetime, a 1,200 -kilometre ski journey through Russia, along the Trans-Siberian Railway. We’ll stumble upon a fringe backcountry skiing community, deep Siberian powder, and skiing's ancient origins.  PG – Coarse Language

Doing It Scared (2016, Australia, climbing).  Eighteen years after a catastrophic accident which left him partially paralyzed, climber Paul Pritchard returns to the Totem Pole to find out if he has recovered enough to finish the climb. 

DreamRide (2016, Canada, Mountain biking).  Enter a dream world where the trail never ends. Where the promise of joy and freedom exist around each bend. Take a magical trip through beautiful landscapes and join us on this DreamRide, a mountain bike adventure unlike any other.  

Metronomic (Tour Edit) (2016, France, music, cliff dancing, giant swing, BASE jumping).  High above the Gorges du Verdon, a skillful blend of artists and high-level balancing athletes play a high energy symphony devoted to risk. It’s a hymn that melds visual performance and contemplative poetry into pure entertainment.    Best Film Mountain Sports   

For The Love (Tour Edit) (2016, USA, whitewater kayaking).  When you want to make first descents, you have to push the limits of what’s possible and what’s known as you explore the most difficult and remote whitewater in the world. PG – Coarse Language

The Perfect Flight (2016, USA, birds, falconry).  When some neighborhood kids gave Shawn Hayes an abandoned red -tailed hawk chick, it launched him on a lifelong journey into the medieval traditions of falconry.

Northbound (2016, Norway, skateboarding, environmental).  Four skateboarders head north of the Arctic Circle to the cold Norwegian coast to apply their urban riding skills to a canvas of beach flotsam, frozen sand, and pastel skies. The result is a beautiful mashup of biting winds, ollies, and one ephemeral miniramp.  Best Short Mountain Film   PG – Coarse Language

Packing It Out: Cleaning America’s Wild (2016, USA, hiking, trekking, environmental).  Follow the guys from the “Packing It Out” crew as they pick up litter – and inspire everyone they meet –along the Pacific Coast Trail.  

SHIFT (2016, Canada, mountain biking, indigenous culture, trail building).  Near a sacred mountain in the Yukon, an Indigenous community transforms itself into a world-class mountain biking destination through the hard work of their young trail crews.  People’s Choice Award, Banff 2016