Fly Fishing Film Tour

Thursday, April 19, 2018

Colonial Theater • 7:30pm

$12 Jimmy's All Season Angler

$15 Online or At the Door

2018 Fly Fishing Film Tour Highlights

Beyond the Horizon by Cold Collaborative

This is the story of Guanaja, Honduras native, Rankin Jackson and his struggle to provide for his family while surviving the push of the drug trade and ultimately how fly fishing revealed his road to redemption.

10 years ago Rankin found himself with the opportunity to work at Fly Fish Guanaja, sleeping in a hammock near the lodge to guard the boats. Today is regarded as one of the greatest guides in Honduras.

During his time in the Cartel, Rankin learned of a hidden set keys to the east; Cayos Cajones. For 10 years he has been telling his friend and boss, Steven Brown, of the legends whispered beneath the surface. Until recently a journey was deemed too treacherous. But in 2017 the plans were struck and the mission moved forward. 


100 Miles by Fly Out Media

By nature, an adventure is not defined by some pre-canned success story. Adventure is defined by an unknown outcome. And the Alaska wilderness is a perfect canvas for genuine adventure. In the words of one of Alaska’s great explorers and bush pilots Paul Claus, “Everything here is bigger, larger, harder and tougher than it looks. It doesn’t matter who you are, what you’ve done, or how great shape you are in, if you come here, you’ll contend with the Alaskan factor.” 

The goal of this expedition was simple – to use packrafts to explore and fish an extremely remote and braided river system, much of which is not accessible with larger rafts. The simple and no-frills nature of packrafting offers the ultimate in flexibility and mobility. In climbing, they call it going alpine style – lightweight, fast, efficient. For an angler, this means accessing countless small channels and mouse-eating trout without the worry of dead ends, portages, and extra baggage.

This trip was not a first descent on an unnamed river. It was not some epic of mankind’s quest through the uncharted. But, after going 100 river miles without seeing another human soul, it felt like it. To revel in the unknown is the greatest thrill for an angler. And when it’s all over, the fishing, the adventure, and the solitude all culminate into a shared experience with the company you keep.


The African Tiger by Capt. Jack Productions (Jako Lucas)

Africa is best known for its wild safaris showcasing its impressive wildlife, with campfires and beautiful sunsets in the background. However, it also offers a Fly Fisherman a chance at a once-in-a-lifetime adventure, and an opportunity to try and tame… The African Tiger! Follow the Capt Jack Productions team, as they search for ‘The African Tiger’. Armed to the teeth, and a ferocious alpha predator in all the rivers they are found, it is no easy task to get one to hand.


Dubai on the Fly by Beattie Outdoor Productions

When westerners think of Dubai, fishing is about the last thing we imagine. But at the heart of this fast, modern city lies a shockingly intact traditional fishing culture alongside a blooming fly angling industry. Acting as the Anthony Bourdain of this culture-and-recreation oriented film is Colorado-based angler and film veteran Frank Smethurst. Joining with Captain Nick Bowles and Emirati angler Mohammed Al Faour, Frank unveils familiar and unexpected sides of this iconic city, in the desert and on the water.


Atlanticus by Castaway Films

Atlanticus picks up where many Tarpon stories leave off. This is not the familiar tale of migrations, worms, or flats.  Rather, this film follows a group of friends on an incredible journey from the beaches of Gabon, through Mexico, and deep into Central America. 

Our team wanders off the beaten path to find Tarpon in the most unusual places. This adventure is an emotional ride with lessons in persistence, failure, and ultimately discovery. Accompany us as we fish a locust hatch of plague proportions, search for monsters over 120 miles from the ocean, and attempt something nearly impossible...  to catch a Tarpon on foot. 

The latest installment from Director/Producer Grant Wiswell, Creative Director Matt Orton, and Castaway Films is sure to make you think differently about the mighty Megalops.  Atlanticus stars Jeff Currier, Jako Lucas, Neville Orsmond, Drew Miller, Dr. Andy Danylchuk, Aaron Ford, and many more. 


Landsick by Costa Del Mar

For decades, Chuck Ragan seemed to be in constant motion, first touring with the influential punk band, Hot Water Music, and later as a solo artist. But in 2015, Ragan got his guide’s license and downshifted to life in Grass Valley to spend more time with his wife and young son, while putting clients on trout, steelhead, and bass in the Sierra foothills, along with stripers in the California Delta. LANDSICK from Costa del Mar and filmmaker Matt Devlin, is about the tension between life on the road and the water.



2018 F3T Short Shorts Contest Winners

(All selections may not play in all cities)


Our Wild by Benjamin Kraushaar

Public lands define us as Americans, they preserve our natural heritage and provide access to wide open spaces for all. Our Wild is a short film that follows three fly fishing-obsessed biologists as they study mule deer migrations in Wyoming’s high country. When this trio of inspiring women are not collecting data across diverse and rugged landscapes, they are chasing hungry trout and wading the waters that flow through our public lands. This film is the epitome of a passion project and was entirely self-funded. It was shot and directed by Benjamin Kraushaar and narrated by wildlife biologist, Anna Ortega.


New River by Fly Lords Productions

After several tours in the Middle East, Wesley Hodges returned home and found solace on one of the greatest Smallmouth fisheries in the world. Transitioning back into a ‘normal life’ isn’t always easy for veterans who have experience combat. Upon returning from Afghanistan, Wes joined up with a local chapter of Project Healing Waters (PHWFF). PHWFF is a nonprofit organization dedicated to healing veterans through the sport of fly fishing. After spending a few years with the program, Wes decided he would start his own guide business on the New River.


Brothers by Randy Kerr and Timothy Thomas Burke

For the Burke brothers of Yakima, Washington, the river is a life source. As young boys from a home torn apart by alcoholism and broken promises, they found refuge and redemption in their backyard creek. Through the years their love of fishing together would grow and take them to the Yakima River, Columbia River tributaries and other storied steelhead waters of the Pacific Northwest where they reunite faithfully to this day. For them the river has been a constant friend and a place of mending: mending their spey lines through the currents of a steelhead run and mending what had once been torn life into the unbreakable bonds of brotherhood.

Brothers is a glimpse into their shared passion for wild steelhead as they swing flies on a harsh winter day on the Olympic Peninsula. Despite miserable conditions their unwavering hope on the water, as in life, proves essential in once again connecting with such a rare and powerful fish, and to each other.