Cosi Fan Tutte

Presented by Idaho Falls Opera Theater

April 6, 7, & 9, 2018

7pm • Colonial Theater

$18 Premium • $12 Standard • $10 Seniors • $6 Student/Child

Preview before each performance at 6:15pm

Not Recommended for Children 5 or Under

"Cosi Fan Tutte" is one of the world's great comic operas, filled with Mozart's marvelous music and a delightful story. Don Alfonso, a cynical bachelor, enters into a bet with his two young friends, soldiers who are engaged to sisters, as to whether or not any woman can be faithful. The young soldiers fervently defend the honor of their fiances and gladly enter into the bet as to whether this is true. Under the bet the young soldiers agree to do whatever the Don Alfonso tells them.

Don Alfonso has them supposedly called off to war but then to return in disguise as Albanian nobleman, with directions to romance the other soldier's fiance. The ladies initially resist these overtures strenuously. However, when the solders fake a suicide because of their rejection, the barriers start to break down. The solders ultimately are ready to marry the "wrong girl" when Don Alfonso directs them to return as their original personages-to the horror of the ladies. Which of the ladies will each soldier end up with?