Planet Arts!

2017 -  Around the World!

Noon - 1 pm • Willard Arts Center

$3 Art Classes every Wednesday through the Summer!

Ages 5-9

*Classes do not need to be taken as a series

June 14th - Australia: Dive into the Great Barrier Reef!

Learn about Australia’s amazing coral reef and the animals that live there. Then, build your own under the sea creation.

June 21st - Greece: See Heroes that Tell a Story

If you created a hero what would they look like? What super power would they have? Create a hero and make up a story to tell through art.

June 28th - China: Dance with Dragons!

Learn about the dragons in Chinese art and notice some defining features of a dragon. Then, make your own pet dragon to fly through the air next to you.

July 5th - Brazil: Step into a Jungle of Color

Look at some of the landscape and animals of Brazil and see how the local artists of this area are inspired by the color around them. Pretend you are an artist from Brazil and create your own version of art in this style.

July 12th - Russia: More to Russian Dolls than Meets the Eye

Take a closer look into the beautiful designs of these Russian dolls, then make your own.

July 19th - Canada: Find your Spirit Animal!

Look at traditional art from Canada and talk about the element of design. Then choose your favorite animal for a project inspired by Canadian artwork.

July 26th - Mexico: Celebrate the Life of Our Ancestors

Talk about the history and celebration of the culturally rich Day of the Dead holiday. Look at art that is made for this day and note the symmetrical designs. Keeping symmetry in mind, create your own sugar skull design with lines and gems.

August 2nd - Central Africa: Immerse Yourself in the Music of Africa

Make your very own Djembe drum then decorate it.

August 9th - Portugal: Explore Architecture in the Small Streets of Portugal

Play with warm and cool colors to create a city you might see along the coast of Portugal.  

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