Planet Arts!

2016 Planet Arts 

$3 Art Classes every Wednesday through the Summer!

Ages 5-9

Noon - 1 pm at the Willard Arts Center (Classes do not need to be taken as a series).


June 8 - Color Theory with Andy Warhol

Learn how colors may contrast or complement each other then make an Andy Warhol inspired design.

June 15 - Masks

Learn a little about the meaning of masks in different cultures, than make your own.

June 22 - Patterns in Art

Look at how people use patterns in art and design and places you might see patterns, wallpaper, tile, trim, rugs, before you make your own pattern.

June 29 - Mosaics

Learn about mosaics--images with an assemblage of small pieces of colored glass, stones or other materials--then create your own.


July 6 - Monoprints

Learn about the art of mono-prints and create your own

July 13 - OP Art

Learn how optical art gives the viewer the impression of movement or hidden images and how to create one.

July 20 - Sand Painting

For this project we will focus on how the Navajo Indians who created paintings in the sand using colored sand they made from rocks as well as budist monks who use sand to create beautiful designs.

July 27 - American Landscape

Use the landscape pictures in the gallery as inspiration to create a unique landscape on a common horizon.


August 3 - Fingerprinting 

Learn how to look at something and turn it into something else. Make lots of fingerprints all over a sheet of paper by touching ink with your finger then pressing onto the paper then make different pictures out of them.

August 10 - Themed Shadow Boxes

Learn what a themed art piece might look like and talk about shadow box art. Come up with your very own themed shadow box

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