Planet Arts!

2018 -  Try Your Hand at a Million Ways to do Art!

Noon - 1 pm • Willard Arts Center

$3 Art Classes every Wednesday through the Summer!

Ages 5-9

*Classes do not need to be taken as a series

June 13 - Paint - Make the same picture twice, one with watercolor one with tempura, learn the technics for both and see how the pictures look different.

June 20 - Colored pencil - Talk about the techniques used for colored pencil, then make a Giuseppe Arcimboldo inspired fruit self-portrait. 

June 27 - Clay - Look at different styles of coil pots then learn the trick to make your own!

July 11 - Chalk Pastels - Learn how to layer colors and blend them together to make a sunset.

July 18 - Stamp Art - Make your own stamps, then stamp out a masterpiece with lots of patterns!

July 25 - Paper - Learn to collaborate with a group to design and make a collage city on one large canvas.

August 1 - String Art - See how artists are using string to make fun designs and pictures then wrap and weave your own!

August 8 - Pencil - Learn how artists use a lot of lines while sketching and how they draw with a very light hand. Practice this technique along with some other tips for drawing with pencil.

August 15 - Metal - Talk about what embossing means and what it might look and feel like. Emboss your own metal art then color with markers.

For more art class offerings check the ARTitorium website