TEDx Idaho Falls: if

February 25, 2017

3 - 8 pm • Colonial Theater


This is a locally organized conference where live speakers share a series of innovative idea-focused, multidisciplinary talks, inspiring and insightful TEDtalk videos are shown, and unique performances are witnessed, all combining to spark deep discussion and connection among attendees.

We’re also curating a number of TEDucation Tours – immersive experiences which give attendees a chance to see outside their normal everyday interactions into the worlds of art, industry, and technology. Please know that availability to these experiences is limited.

Also, don’t miss the opportunity to converse about the ideas you’ve heard with strangers who become new friends at the post-event Dine-Around.


Steven Hatch - Coach and Visionary - The War Within - Win the Battle for Greatness

Jeff Peterson - Software Engineer - The Internet is Broken

Tammy Lane Guffey - Kindness Advocate - Put the "Pre" in Appreciation

Craig Green - Musician - Why Listening Matters

Steven Sedlmayr - Inventor - The Fourth Phase of Water

Leslie Stewart - Counseling Professor - More than Just Companions: The Role of Animals in Human Health and Wellness

Daniel Borup - Sculptor - Imagined Natural Suckage

Karl Pettit - Pastor - The Familiar Face of Poverty

Ali Goljahmofrad - Teacher - Two Life-Taking Diseases, and How to Avoid Them

Dan Hudock - Speech/Language Pathologist - Changing our Perceptions of Communication Disorders through Shared Lived Experiences

Peter Kane - YouTube Creator - Lights, Camera, Passion

Karen Eddington - Identity Researcher - You are Not Alone: What 500 Surveys Taught Me about Isolation