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2021 - 2022 Mainstage Season Specials

Season support from Fluor, Willard Charitable Foundation, and Mountain View Charity.

Black Friday / Cyber Monday Benefits:

  • Choose 2 or more mainstage shows and save 20%
  • Buy the rest of the mainstage season and save 25% (7 shows)

World of Musicals

February 10, 2022

$45 $40 $30

An emotional journey through the great world of musicals from “Evita”, “Les Miserables”, and “Phantom of the Opera” to “Dirty Dancing” and “Mamma Mia”, there is something in this show that will leave everyone spell bound.

SPONSORED BY: Terry Miller, Mountain View Hospital, Patricia Scott, Myrna Taylor, Stephanie Dunn, Park & Sharon Price

The Choir of Man

February 19, 2022

$50 $45 $35

Yes, the boys are back by popular demand ready to take America by storm in their third U.S. tour. Known across the globe as “the ultimate feel-good show.” The nine handsome blokes from across the pond hit all the right notes performing radio hits, classic rock, pub tunes, folk, Broadway, and more. CHEERS!

One Night of Queen

March 5, 2022

$50 $45 $35

Relive the glory of Freddy Mercury as we pay tribute to the stage theatrics and iconic music of Queen. Dance in the aisles to the timeless classics as Queen comes alive again on our stage.

SPONSORED BY: Onyx Financial, The Hartwell Corporation

British Invasion

March 18, 2022

$50 $45 $35

An immersive multi-media show that will place you at the front and centre of pop culture history. Full live band performs all of the hits of the Swingin’ 60’s; the iconic British pop sound that swept across America and the world.

SPONSORED BY: Andy & Rae Moss, Dennis & Nicole Wilkinson

Aquila: The Great Gatsby

March 24, 2022

$45 $40 $30

This timely story reveals a culture where success seems to be defined only by wealth, obsession masquerades as love, and prejudice is used as a weapon to bolster one’s fragile sense of self.

SPONSORED BY: Virginia Willard- Willard Charitable Foundation, Kliss McNeel and Maria Miles, Louise Nelson & Anne Voillequé

Whose Live Anyway

April 29, 2022

$50 $45 $35

Like the TV show only LIVE!

SPONSORED BY: Bank of Idaho, MarCom, LLC, Marcellar's Vintage Wines and Brews

Croce plays Croce

May 13, 2022

$40 $35 $25

Piano virtuoso and acclaimed recording artist A.J. Croce pays tribute to his late father, the legendary folk singer Jim Croce, with a heartfelt performance. A.J. has put together a set of Jim Croce covers mixed with his own works and songs that inspired them both.

SPONSORED BY: Bank of Idaho, Miles Willard Technologies, Mary Lynn Hartwell, Danny & Elaine Gray, Carrie & Christian Shull