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June 4 - August 30, 2015: Carr Gallery

Sterne Slaven: Multorum Animos (Of Many Minds)

Opening reception with the artist Thursday, June 4, 5-8 p.m. at the Willard Arts Center. Reception supported by KISU, FM-91, Your Ear to the World.

Photographer Sterne Slaven selected the name "Multorum Animos" (Latin for "Of Many Minds") to describe what he has labeled "an intentional hodge-podge." This exhibition of photographs goes in many different directions at once, presenting works that are radically different in their scale, subject, and format. 

“I wanted something fun, engaging for young and old alike, lots of things playing off of other things - seeming to change as one’s perspective does, and that would hopefully be engaging enough that someone might want to visit more than once. And yes, absolutely the carnival atmosphere - bright and colorful, but also a bit dark and scary.”

Sponsored by
LeRoy Knobel • Stan and Lorena Murdock