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June 7 - August 3, 2018: Carr Gallery

Quilt Heritage Museum: The History of Quilting in America

Opening reception with the artists Thursday, June 7, 5-8 p.m. at the Willard Arts Center in conjunction with Idaho Falls Gallery Walk. Reception supported by KISU, FM-91, Your Ear to the World

The Quilt Heritage Museum is a new organization in Idaho Falls that is dedicated to preserving quilts and sharing them with people who live here or visit Eastern Idaho. They believe that quilts, both old and new, connect us with our roots and tell others what is special about us. The Quilt Heritage Museum is working towards a permanent building in Idaho Falls to house and display quilts and to teach classes in the art of quilting. This exhibition documents the history of quilting in America from the mid-ninteeth centuy through today.

Sponsored by
Fred and Linda Hughes • Sandy Thomsen